Customer Testimonials

Larry & Pat Stewart - Ski Trip 2011

We have now been back a week and still continue to marvel about our trip.  If your ears have been burning, it is because you and the trip have been quite the buzz around Vail.  Of course Chris’ articles helped but we have been telling everyone how “off the charts” our trip was.  We have done our share of travelling and this was simply one of the best trips we have ever taken.  The food was exquisite, the wine was superb, the country was breathtaking, the skiing was outstanding but, best of all was your hospitality.  As Pat said many times, you were born to do this.

    Of course, having Chris and Vino on the trip only made it more special.  I don’t know where else ordinary skiers like us would have a chance to ski with a National/”Work Up” Champ, Warren Miller star and ski Professor all at the same time.  We both felt that our skiing took great leaps forward, for which we are very thankful.

    We are already looking forward to a return engagement next year.  Since we already know of several strong prospects for next year’s trip and we strongly suspect that there might be a long line for next year, we want to get on the list at the first opportunity.  In the meantime, we hope to see you around Vail (and have a chance to meet the fabulous Amy).


Walter Beinecke - Ski Trip 2010

Hey Chris - Awesome trip - totally exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with!  Great mountains, great people, lucked out on the snow, and you & Marco are great hosts. Valbruna is a particularly special place;  I'm wrapping up my affairs here in the states so I can move there as soon as possible (that might take a couple decades however).  Thanks for everything, I look forward to seeing everyone again sometime soon.


Matt Novak,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA / Attorney

"Thank you for the wonderful hospitality. Our two days in Valbruna were the highlight of our trip to northern Italy and Austria. The mountains are beautiful, the people in town are warm and friendly, the Inn is fantastic, and the staff is great. The Valbruna Inn is first class. My expectations were high after looking at the website and they were exceeded in all respects. Definitely the place to be for "tourists" who want to experience Italy without the "tourist" atmosphere."

Dalton & Jeanne - Ski Trip 2011

Marco -  Jeanne and I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience in Italy. The mountains of your Italy are beautiful and the food and wine were outstanding. However, most of all, your thoughtfulness and kindness to all of us made it a week beyond compare.
Many thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in Vail.

Gray Ringsby - Ski Trip 2004 
Hi guys,
I really enjoyed Europe and have to say that you were all fun to be with. My thanks to Marco for pulling off a first class trip. Some of the highlights for me were, the night that Enrico played guitar for us, "I love undies" and then we sledded down after another excellent meal. Sorry Pete blew out his knee on the decent. I also enjoyed all of the "off piste" adventures and thank Chris for his guidance and also to the local guide Paolo, who brought out the climbing ropes for one traverse to a chute, that was cool.
The night on top of Mt. Lussari was also a highlight... Yuri is the man on the accordion! Dance party until 4am...yes! The night skiing was fun with just the right amount of grappa in the body for warmth. The lunch with Hans was also one of the best. "hunte heeta, hunte heeta, oi,oi,oi!!! Also, big thanks to the lovely Carlotta and her supposedly, f... pelata. Alex was fun to ski with also. Ernie, the 70 year old ski maniac, was inspiring.
The snow was hard packed but well "smashed" and any lack of snow was made up for with many macchiatos, much speck, a lot of vino rosso, grappa, jagertea, obst, and cappuccini. The Valbruna Inn was top notch, best croissants ever, and skiing down to it from Mt. Lussari was another fun adventure. The week seemed to fly by but we managed to do a lot of fun things; Ice go carts, Mikey got a stuffed weasel, the cave hike, it just went by too fast. The last dinner in Valbruna with the huge barman, Pete's soul brother, was classic also.
Valbruna, and Europe in general, was a great place to be with so much history and culture. That was a great eating and drinking trip, oh yeah and we skied too!
Ciao! Gray

Mark Vanliere - Ski Trip 2004
Hey Marco,
Thanks for being on the trip. Your presence made the experience the best I've had. I look forward to making it back soon. Grappa in Vail sounds great!

Ciao- Mark
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Megan Frigon and Amanda Precourt - Ski Trip 2004
Hi Marco,
Wanted to just re-iterate what a marvelous trip both Amanda & I had with all of you in Italy. As I said to Chris, the skiing was marvelous, every day was a new adventure, the trip was well organized and the food/wine/grappa was something to cherish. But, the trip would not have been nearly as successful were it not for the chemistry of the "crew". I really enjoyed meeting all of you and I thank you for taking such good care of the "girls". I hope we stay in touch. The stories & memories are engrained - although I do wish the Weasel would stay out of my dreams....

Megan & Amanda
Tom Hilb - Valbruna ski trip
Chris and Marco, This was truly a great trip, filled with fun and excitement at every turn. I avoided injury by skipping the sled and ice cart racing. You guys did a great job. "keeping up with this fantastic ski group was quite a challenge, but I loved every minute of it." (thanks for waiting once in awhile).

Regards, Tom

Gina Beinecke - Valbruna ski trip

I'm still savoring our time together- what a wonderful group of people you are- Im so glad to have gotten to know you all...  Marco, Chris, Vino and Rob- thank you again and again for providing such a well organized and fabulous venue.  I was continually amazed at your ability to out-do yourselves day after day. As I work on taking off the 4 lbs I put On, I'm also remembering the 'oh my god, oh my god, oh my god' good food! :)) Thanks for All of it!  I Hope you're all settling back into life- I'm smiling as I think of you! xo Gina