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Road cycling and mountain biking - Summer 2017

See below some trip package information as well as some single day-ride descriptions!

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VALBRUNA ROAD CYCLING TOUR July or September 2017 - Cycling in the Julian Alps of Italy for 5 days! Featuring rides on mountains climbs along the routes of the Giro d'Italia 2013 and 2016, riding into Austria and Slovenia while enjoying the Italian lifestyle, food and wine!


A week of road cycling and mountain biking in 3 countries with a variety of rides. A bike path into Austria and Slovenia or a bike path over the freshly paved line of an 1870 railroad with bridges and tunnels. A mountain bike ride to the top of an Austrian peak where cows and horses graze arounf the local Gasthof or downhill biking from the top of a ski resort in Italy or a downhill park in Slovenia.            

VALBRUNA OUTDOOR ADVENTURE, Visit the "No Borders" region and stay at the Valbruna Inn for a week of play and fun outdoors: choices of hiking, mountain biking, golfing, canyoning, World World I tours, exploring nearby Austria and Slovenia, picking porcini mushrooms in the Tarvisio National Park before tasting them at the Inn's restaurant and in many top restaurants of the area, wine tasting, spelunking, lake activities, cultural explorations or just relaxing in an area of incontaminated nature and rich historical and cultural background!
Ride description: Valbruna-Mt.Acomizza-Valbruna
From Valbruna to the top of Mt.Acomizza on the border with Austria on mountain bike or road bike; on your road bike the return itinerary will follow the outbound road, on mountain bike you will able to reach to summit of Mt.Acomizza (see photo) and will have choices of a dirt mountain road or a technical single track trail for the return to Valbruna. The uphill ride develops along an old military road for 15 km and elevation gain of about 1,000 m (3,000 feet). From the top of Mt. Acomizza where a small cheese farm is located you will have unobstructed views of the Julian Alps in Italy and multiple mountain ranges in Austria before choosing your return route down a dirt road in Austria and back to the Italian village of Camporosso or a single track steep trail directly to Camporosso or back along the paved road along which you climbed on the outbound ride.
Ride description: Valbruna -Sella Nevea

A road bike ride from Valbruna along a scenic mountain road for 28 km each way to the ski resort of Sella Nevea and back to Valbruna on the same road. The ride will go through the mining village of Cave del Predil and along the Predil lake before ascending with a few switchbacks to Sella Nevea. Total elevation gain of about 400 m. (1,200 feet).

Image of Valbruna
Valbruna and its Val Saisera
Riding from the Valbruna village up its own valley, Val Saisera, is a fantastic mountain bike ride along trails and dirt roads with incredible views. Multiple trails and roads allow for different levels of riding and a loop ride to the end of the valley takes probably 2 to 3 hours (depending on riding intensity and number of photos taken!) with limited elevation gain and a great variety of terrain: trails, roads, river crossings, open meadows, river beds and more!
Ride description: Valbruna-Kraniska Gora-Lake Fusine-Valbruna              
From Valbruna all the way to Kraniska Gora in Slovenia along the bike path created on the site of the old railroad tracks. On the return you can take a short detoru to the beautiful Lake Fusine before returning to Valbruna on the bike path. This ride can be done on road or mountain bikes; if riding your mountain bike you will have the option to ride a scenic dirt road from Lake Fusine Superior through the forest of the National Park of Tarvisio for a portion of the return itinerary. The ride is about 60 km round trip with moderate hills and total elevation gain of about 400 m (1,200 feet) if taking the detour to Fusine Lake or less than 200 m (600 feet) when you don't climb to the lake, which by the way is totally worth it!.
Ride description: Valbruna-Resia (return via train or car pick-up)
A slight downhill all the way from Valbruna along the 1870s old railroad line with bridges, tunnels and stunning views makes this 40 km. ride a fantastic trip through the Julian Prealps and along the Fella river! The ride ends in Resia where you could have rotisserie chicken that will possibly hold in your memories as the best you've ever had! The ride can be extended into Val Resia for an additional 30km round trip back to Resia for the rotisserie chicken and fries, served here since 1973, that will make this ride a memorable experience!